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"We don't have a firm with numerous employees. We won't hand your precious book off to someone with less experience. When you contact Select Editing Services, you'll be dealing directly with us and will receive one-on-one, personalized consideration. We both recall how we felt when our first book was about to be published. It's scary! It's exciting! It's exhilarating! And you want it to be as perfect as possible before putting it out there for the world to see -- after all, it has your name on it.

We've never missed a deadline and take every project -- no matter how large or small -- very seriously. You'll have our undivided attention and we'll work together to make your book/story/article exactly the way you want it. Our fees are reasonable at $25 per hour and we offer flexible payment options decided on a case-by-case basis (PayPal preferred).

In addition, we'll edit a sampling of your work for free, no strings attached. If your project is over ten pages in length, we'll edit up to two pages; if ten or less, we'll proof a single page. You can then decide if we'll make a worthwhile contribution to your work."

Initially, Carol will examine the manuscript, looking closely at content, story continuity, believability, point of view violations, passive voice, and 'showing' versus 'telling.' She'll work with you so you understand the changes necessary to morph your work into a professional, well-thought-out, and well-structured novel.


When you are both satisfied with this phase of the editing procedure, the manuscript will be handed over to Beverley. She will go through it, line-by-line, checking sentence structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage and/or repetition, as well as giving point of view and passive voice issues a second check. The changes made during this portion of the editing process are generally done by Beverley, unless you again prefer that the manuscript be marked and you make the corrections. This, however, will take longer and ultimately cost more.

After performing a sample edit of your project and assessing the amount of work needed, we will provide you with an estimate for the job. The length of time necessary for completion will depend a great deal upon your willingness to make the necessary content changes and the rapidity with which you complete the work. We believe in a rapid turn-around and will do our best to get the manuscript back to you asap.

If you'd like to check out samples of our writing, our books are available on under Carol Buhler and Beverley Scherberger.


*** NOTE: We do not edit reference, research, or any type of books with footnotes or reference sections. ***

You've written a book, a short story, an article, an essay... And you'd like it professionally edited to be sure it's the best it can be. How to take it from manuscript to publication? Where do you go?

Who do you turn to for that polished, perfect product?

Look no further.

Carol Buhler is a retired teacher, now an author, having just published her fourteenth book. An outstanding content editor, she has helped numerous people improve their writing skills and polish their manuscripts for publication. She and Beverley have differing editing strengths and help each other put that finishing touch to their books.

 Beverley Scherberger is a former non-fiction writer with over 200 published articles to her name.  She earned a BA in Communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and since retiring, has written and self-published six fiction books as well as co-writing two movie scripts. She does all of her own line editing, relying on Carol for content editing.

This talented duo has teamed up to offer editing services to other writers with a story to tell.

Once you've decided to have your manuscript edited, then what?

Beverley and Carol offer a variety of services to take your book from manuscript through publication.

Editing -- includes content, story continuity, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, POV, 'showing' vs 'telling', passive voice

Formatting and prepping for submission

Cover design

Creating an account with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)


You read about the editing process above. The next step is formatting. Both editors can ensure that print and ebook formats are completed.

They can also handle your cover design if you don't have a graphic designer in mind.

They can help you create your account with KDP where you'll be able to track sales of your book and add future books should you continue writing.

YOU can then submit your book to KDP for inclusion on Amazon. You will be able to order a printed proof of your book as well as author copies for less than retail price.

Once your book is published, however, it will be up to YOU, the author, to market your work. Beverley's and Carol's jobs will be completed when your book is successfully displayed on the Amazon page.

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