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This is what a few satisfied clients said about their editing experience.

Ted Jones, author of The Journey Never Ends, had this to say about his experience working with Beverley. "It has been said that a picture's worth a thousand words, but a picture without accompanying words is like a ship without a rudder. My recent publication is an excellent example. The 100 photographs from around the world could not have imparted the desired meanings without the use of words, and 'therein lies the rub.' While I was able to attach some verbiage to each photo, my writings were far from clear, cogent, and containing the necessary grammatical correctness. My good fortune was that you, as an editor, were able and willing to rescue the work and transition it into a worthwhile and meaningful project. Your continuing patience and tireless efforts resulted in a work free from errors and full of interest. Thank you for your outstanding work and I look forward to our next project."    ~ Ted Jones

Richard Eklund's book, "In the Spirit of Gray Wolf,"  is available on Amazon and he has this to say about his experience with Beverley Scherberger. "I have had the pleasure of working with Bev Scherberger and utilizing her skills. She is an outstanding editor and has helped change my novel from a ho-hum tale into a highly readable and interesting book. She's a tireless worker and has tremendous insight into what works and what doesn't.  Instead of working for me, she worked with me, using her knowledge to help create more interesting dialogue and eliminating errors found in many other books. She is always prompt in meeting deadlines and is ready, willing and able to debate points with the author. Her services are very affordable and I would highly recommend her for any job associated with the writing and publication of a book."    ~ Richard Eklund, DDS

John Trainor has five books published and is working on the next. He has worked with several other editors, but has this to say about his experience with Beverley Scherberger. "Anyone can write,  but often when it's  on paper it can read like mumble-jumble. However, a gifted editor like Bev Scherberger can take the puzzle and create a perfect picture. Having had experience with so-called professional editors that made my puzzle even more difficult to decipher, it's a true blessing to have Bev take care of my endeavors. Whatever this lady charges for her time and efforts is money well spent. And when that's said by a Scotsman, you know it must be true!"    ~ John Trainor

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"Ms. Buhler has edited most everything I’ve written, and I’ve found her comments insightful and helpful. While I’d like to think everything I put down is blessed by angels, she’s quick to point out sections where the angels might have missed a beat or two, without being pedantic, or a ‘know-it-all’, and that attitude is welcome when you read where you’ve gone wrong.


The kind of things she has found for me: obvious misspellings (and not so obvious ones, too), warnings that the word may not be the correct choice, places where the words drag, scenes that don’t flow as readers will appreciate. Dialog or actions that don’t seem to fit the character assigned to speak or act them out.


My experience has been that when you enter an arrangement with Ms. Buhler, she will assist you in making your story be the best it can be. She won’t take it over; it will always be yours. There will be no grudges held if you choose not to accept her suggestions because the story is always yours."   ~ Tony Lavely

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"Traditionally published authors can depend on a team of professionals who will make sure that their book is impeccable and will reach its target audience. When you decide to self-publish, however, you must create that team for yourself. I am happy to say that, in my case, Carol and Bev have become firm members of this team: I know they will have my back when it comes to editing. I struggled with speech tags and repetitions. My characters' points of view were a mess. My readers were complaining about typos and spelling mistakes. Thanks to Carol and Bev, I am back on track! They have provided me with the necessary knowledge to improve my writing and have allowed me to deliver a professional version of my book to my readers."   ~ Rae Knightly

Patrick Sydor’s book, "Cobra Talon,” is a Vietnam War fictional novel that is based on true events and  available on Amazon. He had this to say about his experience working with the editing team of Carol and Bev.

“There would be no book without their editing talents and willingness to be teachers, mentors and demanding coaches. As a debut writer, the phrase, 'I didn’t know what I didn’t know' fit me perfectly. What I had was a disjointed story-line and a bloated 130,000-word manuscript with seventy-eight chapters. Carol mentored me on show versus tell, character development, reducing or eliminating long narrative detail, use of verb tense, tight and readable story-line, and sentences and paragraph structure. Bev worked with me on spacing, quotation marks, word consistences, dialogue, dialogue tags, punctuation, and contractions. Yipes! I was a PE teacher, not an English teacher. I trusted each suggestion, comment, and correction Carol and Bev made and spent four months rewriting the book. "Cobra Talon" is now a streamlined, action-packed story of forty chapters. Carol and Bev are accomplished editors and writers. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to edit my future books.”   ~ Patrick Sydor

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